Saturday, January 24, 2009

HOT Travel: Nexus Karam Bunai, Sabah

Zamil Idris hosting the HOT Travel segment of HOT@1 at Nexus Resort, Karam Bunai in Sabah.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Changes!

Yes, 2009 is here! Happy New Year everyone! I'm sure most of you, including myself, have made our new year's resolutions and trying our hardest to stick to them. Well, whatever it is, the best of luck to you! As for me, my aim this year (unlike all the previous years which was to lose weight. Not really happening there, right?) is to live healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Which means I have to exercise regularly and eat correctly.

I noticed that all these years, I have made the wrong approach. My goal before this was to lose weight, sometimes at any cost. So I have spent quite a lot to only having a temporary outcome. Well, this time around, I'm doing a different and healthier approach. Wish me luck! :)

On another note, Hello On Two, the show which I have been one of the hosts for more than 3 years, is now known as HOT@1. It has been changed to TV1 now, with the new timeslot at 9-10am. HOT@1 boasts with a new set, a new image, a new concept, and a new 'live' band! I had the honour of hosting the first day with Raja Yasmin, a new addition to the HOT family :)